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Live and lead from a place of radical authenticity

Hi, I’m Adrienne, I’m a Somatic Career Coach on an important mission: Empowering high-achieving and heart-centered women to stop people pleasing, to unapologetically be who they truly are, and live the life of their dreams.

My own journey as a coach began in my 20s when I realized I was stuck in people pleasing mode in many aspects of my life, one being in my career. I was on a career path that I thought I should be on and not the path I truly wanted to be on.

This quickly led me away from a great career as an Educational Therapist to pursue and earn my Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology.

Towards the end of my Ph.D. program, I worked with an incredible life and career coach who helped me to awaken to my life's purpose: to guide women to lead in their lives and careers from radical authenticity. I continue to experience the benefits of my own engagement with a coach more than a decade ago.

Since then I started a successful U.S. based coaching business, lived in Mexico for three years, moved to Paris and started a second France based coaching business. I now call Paris home and I'm loving making a life in France for the long-term. I am living a life beyond my wildest dreams. In fact, I'm living a dream I never knew I had. Sometimes the dream unfolds if you let it.

I have helped hundreds of women to reconnect with their whole selves, awaken to their purpose, and lead outrageously fulfilling careers and lives.

Adrienne Partridge, Ph.D. — Somatic Career Coach & Leadership Coach– specializes in working with high-achieving and heart-centered female leaders across various industries from small businesses and start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Dr. Partridge’s approach to leadership and career development focuses on what neuroscience has already proven – that the mind and body are inseparable and inextricably linked. Both need to be nurtured for us to function fully and completely.

Dr. Partridge’s specialty is helping women to squash people-pleasing and do more of what they want and less of what they think they should do. She guides women to squash their inner people pleaser by attuning to their nervous system to reconnect with their confidence, make an impact as a leader with greater ease, and develop the courage to successfully shift or change careers.

Dr. Partridge has been a regular contributor on TV as Fox31 Denver’s Personal Growth Expert on Colorado’s Everyday Show. She has written for and been featured as an expert in various media outlets, such as U.S. News & World Report, Inc. Magazine, The Huffington Post, and Thrive Global.

Dr. Partridge holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology and her doctoral dissertation research examined women’s decisions and experiences related to career transitions and family situation. She is a level 2 trained Rebloom Coach, a somatic and trauma-informed coaching modality.

An American who loves living abroad and immersing herself in different cultures, Dr. Partridge has lived in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and Mexico City. She now calls Paris home and loves making a life in France (and learning French). She is also an avid skier, road biker, and adventure lover.



Dr. Partridge creates and delivers engaging keynote speaking engagements and workshops worldwide for global conferences, leadership summits, employee resource groups, women’s groups, and more. Speaking engagements and workshops are tailored to inspire and inform the specific audience and can be delivered virtually or in-person. Currently, Dr. Partridge offers the following topics in speaking engagement and workshop format.


  • How to Leverage Neuroscience to Boost Your Leadership Skills

  • The Mind-Body Connection: Cutting Edge Strategies to Decrease Stress & Prevent Burnout

  • How to Squash Your Inner People Pleaser

  • Unlock Your Natural Leadership Brilliance: How to Identify and Harness Your Unique Gifts

  • How to Get Unstuck and Overcome Procrastination by Leveraging the Nervous System

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Somatic Career Coaching

Discover Your Natural Brilliance: Unleash Your Gifts and Find Your Career Purpose and Path

A three month 1:1 somatic career coaching program to help you:

Gain greater clarity on what jobs and career paths are in greatest alignment with your gifts and purpose so you can change or shift careers

Uncover your most unique gifts and how you use these to make your greatest impact

Connect with your career purpose

Experience greater flow, fulfillment, and joy in your career and life

Connect with your body’s sensations and feelings to help you connect with your intuition and desires



This program is for you if you are a heart-centered human who identifies with at least 2 of the following: 

  • Feels stuck in a role or career path that feels energy depleting 
  • Tends to follow external expectations of what you ‘should’ do when making career decisions
  • Feel disconnected with how you feel in your body
  • Wants to experience more meaning & fulfillment in your career 
  • Lacks clarity on what your unique gifts are and how you use them to make an impact
  • Has no idea what your ‘career purpose’ is
  • High-performing and skilled at your job but you feel disengaged
  • You spend most of your time working in nervous system hyperarousal (stress, anxiety) and/or hypoarousal (you feel stuck, frozen, down, tend to procrastinate, numb). You spend little time in nervous system regulation, if at all.
  • Have an inner knowing that there is a job or career path that is a better-fit but have no idea where to start to figure this out.

By the end of the program you will:

Uncover your Natural Career Blueprint

Build your capacity to use the wisdom of your body and nervous system as intelligence

Uncover your greatest gifts + gain clarity on the unique ways you use your gifts to make your biggest impact

Have new strategies to implement in your current role to create more flow & fulfillment of your purpose


Determine what types of roles you or new career paths are in greater alignment with your purpose


The Details

3-month somatic 1:1 coaching program 

Program includes:

In-depth assessment process ($1600 value)

    • Career Clarity Intake Questionnaire
    • 2 Assessments (Kolbe Index, Nervous System Response Assessment)
    • Interpretation of results in the intake session 

Coaching plan with goals

(1) 90-minute Intake Session

(7) 60-min sessions


$3800.00 USD or 2 payments of $1,950.00 USD

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What does somatic career coaching mean?

My somatic coaching approach recognizes that each client is already a whole person who does not need to be ‘fixed’. Traditional career coaching programs tend to only use cognitive based methods. Somatic coaching involves guiding you to connect with the sensations in your body and to attune to your nervous system to learn to experience the full range of emotions, desires, and life grounded from within your body. A somatic career coaching approach honors the innate intelligence and wisdom of the body and nervous system as a way to bring you back to yourself and who you truly are in your most natural essence — to help you awaken to your career purpose.


The Embodied Leadership
Development Program


These are unsettling times that call for a new kind of leader. An Embodied Leader.

Embodied Leaders have a greater capacity to remain grounded and centered to lead even in the most complex or chaotic of situations.  As proven by neuroscience, the mind and body are inseparable– you have to nurture one for the other to fully function. Developing the capacity to read the body’s cues and to be attuned to the sensations and information derived from the body is what Embodied Leaders do to sharpen how they make decisions. What’s missing in typical executive coaching programs is addressing this mind-body relationship, which is absolutely necessary for deep growth and transformation. This is what sets my program apart from other executive coaching programs.

Who is the program for?

This 3-month program is for high-potential leaders including executives and emerging leaders who want to learn how to be more effective, visible, and influential, while experiencing less stress, anxiety, and burn-out. At the end of this program, you will have tangible strategies to regulate your nervous system to operate with greater ease, confidence, and effectiveness. Your organization will benefit from this development because you will be better equipped to make a big impact.

Formal Assessments

  • Targeted Coaching Questionnaire
  • 2 Assessments
  • Interpretation of Assessment Results

Personalized Leadership Coaching Program

  • Intended Outcomes
  • Goals & Objectives
  • Personalized frameworks to assist in development

1:1 Coaching & Support

  • 90-minute intake session
  • (9) 50-minute coaching sessions
  • Ongoing support & feedback throughout the coaching engagement via email and brief phone calls in between sessions


Corporate rate starts at a minimum of $6,000 USD depending on total scope of the coaching engagement.

If your company is not sponsoring the engagement, the self pay rate is $4,400 USD, payment plans available.

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Embodied Leadership Group Coaching Program

This is a 3-month leadership development program for high-potential female leaders facilitated in a dynamic and supportive group setting via weekly video conference. The program is limited to 6 participants and starts every 3-months.  Contact [email protected] for more details and to apply to this program.


for you

  • Strategies to regulate your nervous system to decrease stress and anxiety.
  • Development of a transformational and authentic leadership style that brings out the best in you, your colleagues, and direct reports.
  • Improved ability to make decisions and take specific actions to achieve business goals.
  • Activation of a coaching mentality to effectively manage conflict and foster an authentic & high-performing team.
  • Increased emotional intelligence, which is essential to being a high-performing leader.

for your organization

  • Nurtures a coaching culture in the workplace.
  • Leadership and Culture are two sides of the same coin: The more transformational and effective the leadership is, the heathier your organizational culture is, and high-performing your organization will be.
  • Developing influential leaders will positively impact both organizational culture and the bottom line.


In Dr. Partridge’s Organizational Consulting Practice She Helps Companies Address the following challenges:

  • Teams in disagreement on priorities and how to execute strategy and work.
  • Individuals, teams, and groups who are confused about their specific roles, struggling with how to collaborate.
  • Conflicts between managers and direct reports.
  • Retention of high-performing and talented employees (high employee turnover).
  • Dealing with staffing shortages and recruitment activities, especially as a business grows quickly with increasing output demands.

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The Love

Adrienne was exactly what I was looking for in a career coach; patient, kind, funny, flexible, focussed and a great listener. Adrienne helped me to increase my self-awareness and self-efficacy. I was able to get over the mental hurdle that I had set for myself -- thinking of the things I lacked rather than the unique contributions that I can bring to a position. Adrienne helped me to see that. She provided a lot of useful resources that I will be going back to when I need it. And at every meeting, she taught me how to reduce my stress and increase my stress management.

Luisa F. Castro PhD, Division Director, Olympia, Washington

Before working with Adrienne, I was less sure of who I was as a leader and had difficulty owning my strengths. Since coaching, I've asserted myself amongst fellow leaders, leading to two big projects of my team getting fast-tracked, and I've learned to disagree and give feedback while still staying true to my leadership style. Adrienne helped me understand my strengths and how best to use them for the benefit of me, my team, and my company.

Lauren , Director of Assessment, USA

I'm so grateful for my time working with Adrienne. I found Adrienne at a time in my career where I was feeling major imposter syndrome and an incredible lack of confidence in my ability to trust my intuition as a business owner and leader. I was also just so, so burnt out. Working with Adrienne gave me the opportunity to understand myself better and set better boundaries which has allowed me to make more confident decisions in all aspects of my work and life. I am so much more at peace with the good and the bad that comes with small business ownership since working with Adrienne.

Rebecca Maidansky, Lady Bird Physical Therapy, Austin, Texas

I am so grateful for my time with Adrienne. Professional, kind and relatable, Adrienne guided me through a personal journey that exposed all the good and the... needs improvement! Our conversations led me to become a more confident leader, self-advocate and more importantly for me, I’ve become very comfortable with setting boundaries. My work with Adrienne gave me a much needed reboot with lots of takeaways and a full tool-box I can reference.

Tiffany , Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing, Boston

"Adrienne challenged my assumption that I couldn't create my dream job within my organization. She pushed me to draft my ideal position, advocate for it, and reminded me to have the confidence to pursue something new. And, it happened-- I'm now in my dream job."

Joyce Wang, Director of Conservation Partnerships, Wildlife Conservation Network, San Francisco

Adrienne helped me learn the leadership behaviors and tactics to be a transformational rather than just a transactional leader. The work we've done has helped me grow as a person and as a leader. I'm more confident in my leadership role because of Adrienne's help."

Erin Young , Lead of Mechanical Systems, Boom Supersonic , Denver

I began working with Adrienne with a very specific goal in mind. Through our time together and her thoughtful coaching, she ensured we accomplished that goal and more! I am so thankful for the insights gleaned from what was a highly effective, intelligent, and enjoyable process. I am walking away from the Embodied Career Development Program with a clearer sense of my strengths, my personal mission and vision, what I need to be fulfilled, and how my current career aligns with all those things -- all insights that provide me a confidence in my chosen career direction. And what comes with confidence? Peace. And I am so supremely grateful for that. I recommend any woman looking for direction, clarity, peace, purpose, confidence, or awareness in self or career, don’t hesitate – make the investment in yourself and get Adrienne on board! Thank you Adrienne for who you are and the important work you are doing!

Emily, VP Marketing, Atlanta

"My work with Adrienne was nothing short of transformative. I engaged her to help get me unstuck in some patterns and mindsets. She provided me tools to better understand how I need to work and to solve problems, which helped turn what I perceived as weaknesses into strengths. Within weeks of working with Adrienne, I was approaching my work with more confidence.

More importantly, Adrienne set me on a path of finding higher purpose in my work and aligning my career to that. She helped me define my mission and values, and partnered with me as I figured out what that meant for my career goals. I’m clearer than ever on where I’m going, why and how I’ll get there. Adrienne’s deep experience, kindness, empathy and humor got me there. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to work with her, and she comes with my highest recommendation."

Kristine, Vice President , Toronto, Canada

"Working with Adrienne has been a transformative experience in self-study. Through our work, I've gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about myself, and how to best leverage my unique perspective to create a net positive in the world, which will pay dividends throughout the rest of my career."

Danielle Rappaport, NASA Earth and Space Science Fellow & Ph.D. Candidate, University of Maryland

"I found Adrienne after I experienced a frustrating situation with my manager that echoed previous experiences I’d had because I didn’t speak up for myself. Once I realized it was due to my people-pleasing tendencies, I was determined to seek coaching that could help me avoid future similar situations. I read several of her articles and realized I’d found the best person to help me with what I wanted to achieve. I contacted Adrienne online, and after a brief intro call, I was seated with her for my first coaching session. It wasn’t anything like I expected, and it was so much more than I hoped for. Talking with her is like having a chat with a trusted and respected friend. She made sure we focused on what I wanted to achieve, and she guided me in a way that helped me see how people pleasing and perfectionism were holding me back from being the person I wanted to be. I learned that when I use the word “should” I am probably forcing myself to do something that I don’t want to. I now give myself permission to focus on what I really want to do, and it is wonderfully freeing. Most importantly, I learned that being an authentic leader is the key to becoming a great leader, and I am much better at speaking up for myself without worrying about offending someone else. There is so much more I could share, but the fact is that Adrienne is a wonderful coach, and I highly recommend her for any woman who is hoping to become her authentic self."

Laura , Director of Marketing , Denver

"A recent session with Adrienne has absolutely opened my eyes to what’s been holding me back from feeling confident about launching my new business. She gently, and with humour, helped me to find some very practical tools that I can implement daily to start to overcome this limiting mindset. Along with these tools, her warmth and encouragement have given me a lovely confidence boost that now helps me to feel excited, instead of anxious, about sharing my business. Thank you Adrienne!"

Kelly, Career Coach, Switzerland

"When I started coaching with Adrienne, I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed in my exciting, yet demanding career. With Adrienne's help, I have become more effective at prioritizing time and projects, while also developing better ways to support both my own goals and my team's goals. I can say now that I am now a more self-confident leader, which has allowed me to become an even more successful contributor at work. I now feel like I have achieved greater depth and balance in both my career and life thanks to Adrienne's guidance."

Samantha, Managing Director, San Franscisco

"Adrienne is genuine. She has a quality about her that makes it really easy to confide in her, while maintaining the utmost professionalism and respect for boundaries. My one-on-one coaching with Adrienne helped me gain perspective on my needs as a professional and she helped me make one of the hardest, but best decisions for my career. She showed me that I am worthy of trust and respect in the workplace. I am forever grateful for her expertise and reference our time together often when trying to solve work conflicts."

Tanya, Brand Director, Shelf Studio, Austin

"You can’t put a monetary value on Adrienne’s coaching program. The first few sessions it feels hard and like a lot of emotional reflection. But, then after session 3, once Adrienne had insights into my needs, then the real work started. We started working on specific tasks to grow and I started reflecting on myself in new ways. I started answering the hard questions around how to be my best self. Then at the half way point, I really saw why investing to grow myself, my business, and my team was worth it. We found the weak spots in my foundation and Adrienne filled them with positive energy and tactics that helped me understand why I was thinking negatively and how to work through those triggers. By the last week of coaching, I didn't know what I ever did without Adrienne. I’ve done a lot of personal therapy, but I finally got therapy for my business and the benefits have been huge. I now have a positive relationship with investing (not throwing) money into my business. My colleagues feel that I’ve become more assertive as a leader and am being more honest with myself about my expectations for my team on a daily basis. You can’t put a value on Adrienne’s value—the investment is invaluable. Thank you, Adrienne!"

Alison, Principal/Creative Director, Shelf Studio, Austin

"When I started at Worboys Design 2.5 years ago I was introduced to Adrienne as our company’s very own leadership + career coach. I had never worked with anyone remotely like her before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. After taking the Kolbe test, listening to my results and working one-on-one with Adrienne, I quickly learned the HUGE value in her services. Quite frankly, my time spent with Adrienne has been a game changer, both personally and professionally.

Working for a small team, like ours, means each team member has to be the right fit for the company otherwise inefficiencies happen. Adrienne has helped our team discover each of our strengths and how we function best individually in the workplace so that we can successfully come together as a whole. Our creative team is now stronger than ever, brimming with talent and working towards measurable goals we’ve set during our annual workshop with Adrienne. One of those goals was to set more formalized processes so that we’re not taken advantage of by clients. Adrienne helped us understand the importance of setting standards with clients even if it feels a bit too formal at first. She gave us tactics to remain authentic but firm and after 3 months of practicing these methods we’ve seen a huge, positive difference in how clients interact with us.

Not only has Adrienne’s coaching services worked wonders on our team, but they’ve also helped my personal growth as a leader. As an introvert that isn’t great at making quick decisions on the spot, leadership positions have always intimidated me. After accepting my role as Brand Director, Adrienne helped me realize my true potential. Instead of beating myself up for not leading in a way like my Creative Director, Adrienne taught me to embrace my unique, instinctive M.O. in order to lead in a style that works best for me. With the strategies that Adrienne coached me on, I’ve become more confident and less stressed in my leadership role.

Adrienne is not just your typical leadership coach, she invests time, energy and love into each of her clients - acting as their personal cheerleader at every milestone of growth and success. Thank you Adrienne, you’re the best!!"

Megan, Art Director/UI Designer, The Creative Group, Denver

"I lead a team of over 4,000 sales consultants and Adrienne was a speaker at my team’s annual conference. She tailored her speech on Authentic Leadership to the audience and it was beautifully in-line with our organization’s mission and vision. She spent time researching and understanding my team before she planned and delivered her speech. Not only was Adrienne professional, but she was relatable and enthusiastic with the perfect touch of humor. The feedback I received from my team was fantastic. One of my team’s biggest takeaways was Adrienne’s illumination of the tendency many people have to be people pleasers. She provided actions my team could take immediately to squash their inner people pleasers to become more authentic and fearless leaders."

Laura, managing director, beautycounter, Denver

"Adrienne is a trusted colleague of mine and her insight on women's leadership is extensive. We were lucky enough to involve her in the research and development process of the Electric Woman Leadership Coaching programme in London. She brought the content alive by adding relevant, recent facts and stats to boost our theory. She also challenged any areas that felt fluffy to make sure the content was credible. Her advice and support was crucial and made our processes so much smoother and because of her input, we felt extremely confident with the content that was created. Adrienne has a bright, engaging and magnetic personality and this mixed with her vast knowledge in the area of women's leadership means you're in very capable hands!"

Nikki, Founder of Electric Woman , London