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An 8 week program for 6 high-performing women leaders. Next group starts September 2023.

We live in unprecedented and unsettling times – times that call for a new kind of leadership. Embodied Leadership.

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Embodied Leadership is an approach based upon what neuroscience has already proven – that the mind and body are inseparable and inextricably linked. Both need to be nurtured in order for us to function fully and completely.

Embodied Leaders understand the importance of leveraging the body’s wisdom and leading from a regulated nervous system. Embodied Leaders have a greater capacity to remain grounded and centered even in the most complex or chaotic of situations because they can tune into sensations and somatic cues and use them to inform their decision-making.

Typical executive leadership coaching programs focus above the neck, without recognizing that we live in bodies with nervous systems and physiology that contribute substantially to our vitality and our ability to navigate the business world with ease, flow, and influence.

The business world can offer infinite opportunities, but can also be focused on power, hierarchy and competition, which can prevent female leaders from advancing and succeeding. It is a world of extremely intelligent and high performing individuals, who rely heavily on brain power to succeed.

A more embodied approach that leverages the mind-body connection allows high-performing leaders to navigate corporate and business environments with more energy, clarity, and effectiveness – which prevents burnout. Collaborative interaction and dialogue between mind and body are essential for leadership development and deep transformation.

I offer an approach to leadership development that focuses on the mind-heart-body connection, which is unique and effective.


  • Recognize and access sensations and emotions, and where they live in your body.
  • Navigate your emotional triggers.
  • Use body-based strategies for regulating your nervous system to respond more intentionally rather than reactively.
  • Remain grounded and centered, even amidst chaos.
  • Be an embodied and transformational leader who inspires others.
  • Make better decisions and build stronger relationships.
  • Build your leadership confidence and strategic capacity by leveraging the mind-body relationship.
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The group coaching program is focused on 8 competency modules:

1. Nervous System 101
2. Embodied Emotional Intelligence
3. Direct & Authentic Communication
4. Whole Self Expression
5. Career Higher Purpose & Vision
6. Transformational Leadership vs. Transactional Management
7. Negotiation, Visibility, Influence & Impact


As a result of my coaching program, my clients have reported the following outcomes:

- Greater leadership confidence

- Increased career clarity and vision

- Decreased stress and anxiety

- More confident and effective in negotiating skills leading to career advancement, promotions, and increased compensation

- Embodied decision-making aligned with personal values, integrity, and intuition

- Greater capacity to process and release emotions as a result of being attuned to the body

- More energy and time to nurture unique strengths to make a bigger impact

- Respond more thoughtfully and intentionally to requests, rather than reactively

- Let go of their inner people pleaser and/or perfectionist

- Reduced feelings of resentment as a result of meeting their own wants and needs first

- Bringing their whole and authentic self more consistently to interactions at work - in a safe & doable way

- Leaving the career they think they SHOULD have for the one they truly WANT and desire

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I would love to have you join me in this group coaching experience running over the span of three months, beginning in September 2023. Exact dates to be announced later. Enrollment is limited to 8 to allow for honest conversations and deep learning.

It’s going to be juicy!

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  • To be in community with and learn from other heart-centered, driven, and successful women like you
  • A private online learning portal with content to review and work on in between sessions
  • Eight 90-minute group coaching sessions starting September 2023 and ending in November 2023. Exact dates and times TBD.
  • Bonus content


  • Are corporate leaders, non-profit leaders, leaders in the medical field, or women running their own businesses — both emerging leaders and seasoned leaders.
  • Have an inner knowing that there is a different way to operate as a leader, but not sure what that looks like yet
  • Want to learn to leverage the mind-body connection to experience greater ease, less stress, and greater career fulfillment
  • Are ready to learn how to release their inner people pleaser and/or perfectionist


Group Coaching Program


Or 3 payments of $710

Group Program + 2 individual sessions with Adrienne


Or 3 payments of $890

We will meet for 90 minutes for 8 sessions over the span of September-November 2022.


"It was an amazing experience to hear from others and get their perspective. I felt very supported and learned a lot from the group program."
- Melissa
"It was such a gift to be in a circle of women from different sectors, geographies, and lived experiences learning and reflecting together on our lives and careers. Adrienne's facilitation is empathetic, research-based, and responsive to what comes up in the group. I particularly appreciated the focus on building awareness of how I am physically experiencing stress and anxiety and building tools to process and manage my nervous system responses."
- Marselle
"This was a game-changer for me. COVID was in full-swing, and I was already feeling isolated. It was wonderful to have a set time to connect with other women and share our experiences. It was an inspiring program and I'd love to do it again."
- Chela White-Ramsey Ph.D., Sr. Manager of Training & Development, Austin, TX